I put the S-L-Y ...


Hello Dearies!

So I decided to do an introduction post (kinda), mainly as an overview for my journal, but since I suck at this, I’ll keep it short xD
I’m 30 years old, from Germany and love writing, reading and making icons. And of course I’m a Fangirl xD

So off to the important part:

- Fanfiction Masterlist English (find some smutty goodness here)
- Fanfiction Masterlist German (in case anyone’s interested …)
- Shipping Masterlist (see my main-fandoms and otps and stuff)
- Icons (and the awards I won, yay ^^)
- Claim Tables I did/want to do
- Ficathons (don’t be shy and have a look! I’m sure there’s also something to get you inspired <3)
- Some prompts I did and that have to be filled yet (fills already included ^^ A lot of love to my amazing fillers <3 I guarantee a comment on any fill I get, whether I know the fandom or not :3)

Have fun roaming <3

Quick note: Since I'm from Germany I'm always open to corrections regarding my grammar and stuff ... so if you read any of my fics, feel free to correct me! :D
I put the S-L-Y ...

1 Sentence Fics

The Mummy, Evie/Rick

Evie used to dream of lovestories where men brought their lady flowers, chocolates and poetry, because no romance ever started with a hero that bestowed guns and dusty books, recited ancient hieroglyphs and fought off come-to-life mummies to rescue the heroine ... but maybe she had to experience her very own kind of courtship to finally find a romance to her standards (and maybe that was the reason she had been single for so long).

Criminal Minds, Hotch/Reid, Flashback

The other members of their team (chosen family) were worrying and wondering how Hotch and Reid could keep it together after everything that happened to them, after the horrible things that took their most beloved ones away - they reassured time and time again that they can handle the trauma and that the flashbacks come back less and less ... though they didn't tell it's only because they find comfort in each other's arms at night - and who else could understand as well as someone who went through it?

Original, OC

"Honey, do you still remember when we first kissed four years ago, we listened to this song, and I thought it was so beautiful that I decided: This will be what we name our daughter if we ever have one, so well, Darling, I hope you like the name and will say hello to Rylynn Whitmore in about six months."

Community, Jeff/Annie

Jeff only feels a little bad when he tells Annie that he thinks he just saw her pen rolling from the desk, but she could just bend over to see if he's right because he's not sure - Annie only feels a little bad when she does so, hiding a grin as she feels her skirt tightening around her buttocks as she leans over, one foot already off the ground, her skin tingling from knowing Jeff's eyes are undressing her in this very moment, his fantasies running wild, fantasies ABOUT HER ... and maybe she just needs a little longer to actually find said pen (which hasn't rolled down but indeed rests inside the sleeve of her cardigan).

DCU, Tim, Dick/Jason, pizza should never be awkward

"This is ridiculous, it should never be awkward to order pizza, I'll just do it online," Tim says matter-of-factly as he opens the homepage, "so I'll have one with pineapple," he types, "Dick wants anchovies and Jason with broccoli and without tomato sauce ... there, done, now no one will judge you in person - which reminds me, there was something you two wanted to tell me?"

Community, Troy/Abed, holding hands in class

"It's just like in this Simpsons episode, when Kang and Kodos are merely exchanging long protein strings," Abed explains and Troy nods, though he doesn't really care for the reason - as long as Abed is willing to hold his hand, even during class.