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[sticky post] Introduction

Hello Dearies!

So I decided to do an introduction post (kinda), mainly as an overview for my journal, but since I suck at this, I’ll keep it short xD
I’m 30 years old, from Germany and love writing, reading and making icons. And of course I’m a Fangirl xD

So off to the important part:

- Fanfiction Masterlist English (find some smutty goodness here)
- Fanfiction Masterlist German (in case anyone’s interested …)
- Shipping Masterlist (see my main-fandoms and otps and stuff)
- Icons (and the awards I won, yay ^^)
- Claim Tables I did/want to do
- Ficathons (don’t be shy and have a look! I’m sure there’s also something to get you inspired <3)
- Some prompts I did and that have to be filled yet (fills already included ^^ A lot of love to my amazing fillers <3 I guarantee a comment on any fill I get, whether I know the fandom or not :3)

Have fun roaming <3

Quick note: Since I'm from Germany I'm always open to corrections regarding my grammar and stuff ... so if you read any of my fics, feel free to correct me! :D
Title: One story that remains untold
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Characters: Margaery/Sansa
Wordcount: 204
Rating: PG
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - beloved

They call her the Ice Queen.Collapse )

Twilight - Alice/Esme - Without fear

Title: Without fear
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Alice/Esme
Wordcount: 205
Rating: PG
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - touch without fear

“She was wandering the streets, all the while yelling your name”Collapse )
Title: And then you wish
Fandom: Kill Bill
Characters: Beatrix/O-Ren
Wordcount: 203
Rating: PG
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - sophisticated

And then you think you know someoneCollapse )

The Descent - Sarah, Juno - Love Each Day

Title: Love Each Day
Fandom: The Descent
Characters: Sarah + Juno
Wordcount: 250
Rating: G
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - honesty
AN: 250 words just weren't enough :'D But I managed, though it seems a little crammed

“I’m so glad you were honest with me,” Sarah breathes, and Juno knows immediately what she’s referring to.Collapse )


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