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[sticky post] Introduction

Hello Dearies!

So I decided to do an introduction post (kinda), mainly as an overview for my journal, but since I suck at this, I’ll keep it short xD
I’m 30 years old, from Germany and love writing, reading and making icons. And of course I’m a Fangirl xD

So off to the important part:

- Fanfiction Masterlist English (find some smutty goodness here)
- Fanfiction Masterlist German (in case anyone’s interested …)
- Shipping Masterlist (see my main-fandoms and otps and stuff)
- Icons (and the awards I won, yay ^^)
- Claim Tables I did/want to do
- Ficathons (don’t be shy and have a look! I’m sure there’s also something to get you inspired <3)
- Some prompts I did and that have to be filled yet (fills already included ^^ A lot of love to my amazing fillers <3 I guarantee a comment on any fill I get, whether I know the fandom or not :3)

Have fun roaming <3

Quick note: Since I'm from Germany I'm always open to corrections regarding my grammar and stuff ... so if you read any of my fics, feel free to correct me! :D

Scream Queens - Dean Munsch/Hester - Endure

Title: Endure
Fandom: Scream Queens
Pairing: Dean Munsch/Hester
Wordcount: 166
Rating: PG
Warning: underage, dubcon
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - understanding

Hester reminds herself all the while why she"s doing this.Collapse )
Title: Clean thoughts
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Alicia/Katie
Wordcount: 200
Rating: PG
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - dirty

Alicia really tries to keep at least her thoughts clean.Collapse )
Title: Every time, any time, ALL THE TIME
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Light, L
Wordcount: 590
Rating: PG-13
Warning: graphic violence (a little, but just to be sure), paranoia, angst
Challenge: Morbid and Spooky ficathon - "I need to kill you; That's the only way to get you out of my head"
Challenge: daswaisenhaus - [#_0977] Suddenly the beast takes notice, unexpectedly we've earned his focus. / We've got here by naive assumption, our confidence was a false presumption!

He feels the detective’s eyes in the back of his head, always watching, watching, thinking, analyzing, plotting, judging …Collapse )
Title: Rumor has it
Fandom: A song of ice and fire
Pairing: Cersei/Taena
Wordcount: 206
Rating: M
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - gossip
Challenge: daswaisenhaus - [#_2122] if it's love and we're two birds / of a feather / then the rest is just whatever

The Queen Regent is too smart to fall for Taena"s seduction - or is she?Collapse )
Title: Bring me the horizon
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Pairing: Cheedo/The Dag
Wordcount: 200
Rating: PG
Warning: implies rape and violence
AN: refers to the incident in the Furiosa Comic (but no knowledge needed ^^)
Challenge: Drabbletag 7 - horizon
Challenge: daswaisenhaus - [#_2130] Jede Wunde ist 'ne Story, also weiter Scherben essen

Don"t be sorry. It was my own decision,” The Dag answers, and it’s true that she doesn’t regret speaking out for Cheedo.Collapse )


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